Low voltage in Cummings Lodge for five days

 Dear Editor,

It is now five consecutive days that the Cummings Lodge area has been suffering from acute low voltage for many hours on a daily basis. Little or no information has been forthcoming from GPL as to the reason for such problems. While instances of low voltage are not a new phenomenon to the Cummings Lodge area, this most recent episode has definitely been the longest continuous situation. When residents go to work their appliances are left at the mercy of the voltage fluctuations which go up and down throughout the day. Can GPL be held responsible for any appliances that malfunction as a consequence of the low voltage?

Imagine that not so long ago, our President gained much political mileage by proudly proclaiming the recent ‘upgrade’ of the electricity service to the East Coast, including the Cummings Lodge area. He trumpeted that over 35,000 people would receive a much better and more stable electricity supply. From that moment to now, if anything, the quality of the electricity supply has plummeted. If there is not an episode of low voltage then there is an extended period of blackout, especially on weekends when people want to use the electricity for a nice form of relaxation after a hard week of work.

One expected teething problems with the new ‘service.’But it is now bordering on absolutely ridiculous that after so many months there has been no improvement in the electricity supply. If anything the already poor service has gotten worse. One is left to now wonder what really did the President refer to when he spoke so glowingly of the electricity ‘upgrade’?

As a taxpaying citizen, who has to repay the loans granted to undertake the electricity ‘upgrade,’ I demand a response from GPL as to why my community continues to have so many electricity problems after so much money was spent to upgrade the service? It also borders on gross disrespect to us customers, whose utility payments allow GPL to operate, that the utility cannot provide an explanation as to why our electricity situation in Cummings Lodge is so poor, and even more directly as to why we have had such a long period of low voltage fluctuations?

Please be a good corporate body, GPL, and offer customers some respite from their problems and also do some PR and let the customers know why exactly they are experiencing so many electricity woes at the moment.


Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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