Poor treatment from a Transport and Harbours employee

Dear Editor,

On Friday 4th October 2013, I called the booking clerk, Mr Albert, of Supenaam stelling, informing him that I have a monthly appointment with my private doctor for medical check-ups following an accident in 2004 which injured my spine, and asked him to book my car since I live at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast. He was very kind and courteous and did book my car; in fact all the staff at Supenaam stelling are kind and helpful in discharging their duties.

I was told by the booking clerk to be at Supenaam stelling at 2 am because the ferry would leave at 4 am the said morning. I boarded the ferry with my car, and at Parika stelling, I informed the booking clerk, Mr Balram, that I was going to see my doctor in Georgetown and would like him to book my car for the afternoon ferry, which he did. He told me that it is standard procedure that all sick and disabled persons are given priority to travel with their vehicles; however, I must be at the stelling by 3pm.

As I approached the Parika stelling gate at about 2 pm on the said day to board the ferry for home, I was humiliated, intimidated and harassed and prevented from entering the stelling by a woman in uniform who normally open and closed the gate. She asked me to produce a medical certificate which I did, and told her that I had a booking with Mr Balram. However, she still refused to let my vehicle onto the stelling.

She told me to park the car in the sun until the ferry was ready to load. I was in terrible pain from my medical treatment and therapy, and my wife then went and sought the intervention  of the supervisor who gave instructions for the gate to be opened, and we entered the stelling out of the hot sun. Editor, training should be an essential component for Transport and Harbours employees when dealing with members of the public.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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