Unsolicited advertisements on Digicel phones an annoyance

Dear Editor,

I write to protest the deplorable and what I regard as essentially illegal behaviour by Digicel.

It had been my intention to write to the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) but unfortunately their website is not operational and the telephone lines are met with electronic responses.

Over the past few days, my text inbox has started receiving unwanted advertisements from Digicel clients ‒ Ariel, Ansa McAl, among others. The perverse effect will certainly be a negative reaction on my part to their products (or services) if the list grows.

What gives Digicel the right to transmit my private telephone number to persons from whom it is earning revenue without my permission. I was under the impression that private numbers and communication thereon may only be accessed by third parties upon the delivery of a judicial order to the service provider. (I may be wrong.)

My telephone is not a noticeboard. It is extremely annoying. I hope your publication of this may elicit some comment from Digicel, with a view to ceasing and desisting. Otherwise I will explore what legal steps the CCAC can take.

Yours faithfully,
Sheldon A McDonald

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