Lack of job opportunities for youths a major contributory factor to the state of the NIS

Dear Editor,

As a stakeholder in the National Insurance Scheme and one who never stopped paying since I started as an apprentice, I am very much disturbed that as a nation we can allow such a well thought out Scheme to reach to this state in its 44th year.

My little understanding of the operation of this worthy institution, convinced me that only greed, selfishness and covetousness can bring the Scheme to this state.

There are clear guidelines and regulations which are not being followed and enforced, whose failure is bringing undue suffering to contributors and pensioners.

This Scheme was designed to take care of persons while they work (sickness and accident) after working (pension) fatal industrial accident (survivors /dependents), among other benefits. Why would any sane working person not want to contribute to this Scheme?

In a recent discussion I had with a colleague on the state of NIS, We agreed that the absence of job opportunities for youths is a major contributor to the state of the Scheme. We are not against old people working, but why can’t we train our youths to do the same job the old person is doing? Maybe three youths might have to be the replacement for that one person. We surely will not give them the same pay, but they will be contributing to the Scheme.

The architects of the National Insurance Scheme were thorough in their design. For continuity and viability, the age factor was used. Start working at 16 (apprentice), stop at 60 (pension) and make investment where there are guaranteed returns.

Maybe we need to modify because of life expectancy, but let us stick to the basic principles of what the plan was designed for. Why should we have a situation where we defend pensioners working (two sets of pay) and cannot equally represent our youths who need jobs and will contribute to the Scheme?

We are killing the cooperative spirit of the Scheme that requires us to live by and for each other.

Yours faithfully,
Jocelyn Morian

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