Too many animals dying on our roadways

Dear Editor,

I wish to voice my concern about the numerous animals which are dying on the roadways.  Where are the owners? Why are horses, cows, donkeys, etc, left to wander along the road day and night without any attention? I was horrified and sad last Friday night when going home on the East Coast, there was a dead cow lying on the public road at Chateau Margot in front of the Energy Plus Gas Station; then on Sunday while driving down on the Railway Embankment I was even more horrified to see two dead horses between Ogle and Cummings Lodge; one in the middle of the road and the other at the side. I stopped to take pictures and inquire from some children what had happened and was told they were hit and the vehicle drove away.  Recently, numerous horses have been seen dead on the road and their foals standing there looking sad.  No one goes to claim them, nor can the authorities identify the owners because there are no brands.  How can the owners be so cruel?  These large animals should not be left on the roadways.  While drivers sometimes try to avoid them, there are times when they might not be able to save them either.  However, I think some drivers do hit the animals on purpose, especially the dogs.   This letter serves as an appeal to all owners of animals, especially horses, cows, donkeys and dogs, not to leave your animals on the road; it is hazardous to traffic and no one else suffers as much as these poor animals.

Yours faithfully,
Peggy Singh

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