Telephone, internet disruptions on Essequibo Coast

Dear Editor,

For the past two days I am experiencing difficulties from GT&T with my telephone and internet services on the Essequibo Coast. This matter was reported to the office and the manager of Anna Regina Branch, but no one seems concerned about the poor services provided to customers.

While it is true that GT&T in the country is facing a range of unprecedented challenges, I believe it is time to break the monopoly of this company. The kind of ‘status quo’ thinking embodied in the management and Board of Directors is a sure-fire recipe for further market-share erosion.

GT&T offers crummy services for your hard-earned dollars. GT&T needs customer confidence in order to survive. The goal is to protect and give reliable service to the customers without causing them to storm the offices.

The field of information and communication has become central to development. The company should start building on its success when it first started to operate in Guyana.

Disruptions of the telephone and internet have never been so crucial for customers; we rely on them to connect to the outside world.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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