Community policing executive is grateful to the government and Minister Rohee

Dear Editor,

The National Community Policing Executive (NCPE) wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the Government of Guyana which, through the Ministry of Home Affairs recently provided the requisite tools and equipment valued at over $17M to fortify the operational capabilities in the various community policing group divisions.

The NCPE also acknowledges and proclaims with dignity and pride the development that our organization continues to enjoy, which is directly due to the steadfast, astute leadership of Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, whose ministry monitors the Community Policing Organization of Guyana (CPOG). This indeed is the definitive reason why the operations of our organization are the envy of the Caribbean Community.

We also pay tribute to the continued commitment of the Government of Guyana in providing the requisite equipment and tools to ensure that the responsibilities of community policing in Guyana are fulfilled, especially in respect of ensuring public safety and security at the community level. Similarly, the government has ensured that we are available to efficiently support the Guyana Police Force in the maintenance of law and order in our respective communities.

The NCPE also guarantees that a positive response to the call for further human resource development of the organization is attained and maintained.

We further declare that our foremost objective will continue to remain the building of our organization, where members now will also have to fulfil their responsibilities and ensure that respect is maintained within the organization and with the community, which we will continue to serve with extreme care, caution and consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Edward A Persaud
Public Relations Officer
National Community Policing

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