Bushes at Nandy Park hide thieves

Dear Editor,

There are very large bushes on the mud dam between Nandy Park and Republic Park Phase E where thieves hide and then rob residents at nights. An appeal was made for the bushes to be cut down by the NDC and the area freed from the stealing that goes on at night, but nothing so far has been done.

The late Cole was given permission to plant the two dams by a non-transferable lease, that is, he could work the land during his lifetime but when he died the lease died with him; it could not be inherited by anyone. Consequently the property has been returned to GuySuCo and the NDC, and once again the bushes need clearing. Both Nandy Park and Republic Park are two residential areas and standards are set out as to how these should be kept by the residents and the NDC.

Yours faithfully,
Khemraj Lochan-Ramlal

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