Dear Editor,

The Guyana Times newspaper in its Monday, October 14th, 2013 edition carried an article captioned, `Govt awaits M&CC proposal to restore Kitty Market’, and quoted the Regional Development and Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud as saying, “What we need to see from the municipality are their plans and ideas documented for the Kitty Market and then maybe how the council intends to achieve these plans”.

The Minister also acknowledged the letter sent to him by Mayor Hamilton Green and Kitty Stall Holders/ Vendors.

The Kitty Market  Action Committee welcomes what is perceived as a “positive shift” in Central Government’s policy as it relates to the rehabilitation of the market.

We call on Mayor Green, Acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba and the City Engineer to move expeditiously on the Minister’s request. For our part we are willing to share our views on what we feel is necessary to save the market and to put it on the road to economic viability.

We will remain vigilant on this matter to ensure that the rehabilitation of the market is not derailed by City Hall’s internal politics.

Yours faithfully,
Tacuma Ogunseye
Chandro Shekar Persaud
Bibi Sherida Ferguson.
Kitty Market Action Committee    

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