I will continue to complain about problems affecting my community

Dear Editor,

I keep witnessing things that are happening and refuse to stay quiet about it and thus I get them published in both Kaieteur News and Stabroek News if necessary. Because of them being published, me and my family and also my relatives are sometimes victimized, but I refuse to keep quiet and will continue because as a result of my writings, some changes for betterment are being made as I explain below.

Recently, a letter was published about GWI by me after they disconnected a few pipes on the Uitvlugt Sideline Dam. This caused a misinformed resident to make remarks against me. One of the “political grasshoppers” that live on the sideline gave her the impression that her water was disconnected because of me. I know if you didn’t owe GWI, they would not disconnect you but thanks to our politicians, they have succeeded in making us live like beasts and that will not change! Apart from that, my entertainment with GWI doesn’t end there, after calling in and reporting about the leaks (approximately six) to the then acting branch manager, the contractor came the very afternoon to me and I pointed out the leaks to him. The very next morning the workers came and fixed all the leaks. Another letter again on GWI and the workers immediately rushed to fix a leak that was alleged to be caused by a GPL vehicle and the workers went near to my house and calling my name loudly and calling me names (one is Water Police).

Editor, I have a daughter attending Zeelugt Primary and a sister-in-law who is a trainee teacher who teaches there and she also complained of discrimination by teachers and parents after I wrote about that and another school. She said she is not bothered by their actions and if it was lies I was writing she would have been.

Finally Editor, last year, after the Qurbani, a letter was published from me about the irresponsible disposal of the animal skin and guts from the sacrificial animals (www.stabroeknews.com/2012/opinion/letters/10/29/waste-from-sacrificed-animals-affecting-neighbours/).

After everyone got aware that I did the writing, a few of the guilty were highly annoyed at me and to date they avoid having conversation with me. This year after the Qurbani, one of the Uitvlugt Sideline Dam trenches was clear of any unused parts of the sacrificial animals unlike last year when it was a dumping haven for them. Low and behold, the next day two bags with animal guts and skins could be seen floating with a bull/cow head accompanying them. My guess is that those who did it waited until night when no one could see them, but still it was not as bad as last year and that is good! Whilst checking to see if there was more I observed a dead horse floating in the water. Upon investigating, I learnt that it had died a few days ago and the owner who lives next to the other sideline dam trench (away from the windside), chose to dump it in the other trench away from him. After dumping, it floated towards the canefields and got stuck amongst the weeds in the trenches for a few days and somehow reached the area where I reside. When I called the Leonora Police Station, the Corporal that answered, informed me that first, I have to go to the nearest NDC and make a report and then the NDC would forward it to them for further action. After informing the Officer that the NDC doesn’t open on Saturdays and asking him if there wasn’t any way that they could come and force the owner of the horse to get it out of the water and bury it, he again informed me that the NDC comes first. After informing him that I have 6yrs, 3yrs and 9mths old children that will have to endure the stench emanating from the dead horse for a few more days he asked me to call him back when the koker is open. When I did, another officer answered and after explaining, he bluntly told me go to the NDC first. Now I along with my family and neighbours will have to endure that for how long, only God knows.

Going to the NDC will not solve anything because since living on the Sideline, the amount of nastiness me and my family have endured convinces me that we and some of the residents here could go and live comfortably at any of the dumpsites in Georgetown.

 Yours faithfully,

Sahadeo Bates



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