If your child is in crime, do them a favour and take them into the law

Dear Editor,

1.            If and when mothers see their sons with large sums of money and they are not gainfully employed, why do they not ask where the money is coming from, or at least be suspicious?  They should never use money from crime taken by force or death, or they become part of the crime and bring universal damnation on themselves as well.

2.            If they know their children are involved in criminal activities, why do they not report them to the police?  It is better they go to jail than get killed by their fellow criminal associates or in confrontations with the Police.

3.            Why is it that whenever there are Jamzone, Reggae, R&B Shows, and others with what I call reggae madness, there are visible hikes in crime, with the murderers and thieves being most brutal and inhuman?

The Police and Government of Guyana are aware of this. Commissioners of Police have lamented the fact that whenever these shows come to Guyana, people want to have a good time and they will kill in the most dreadful manner, cause social chaos and mayhem in families, so they can eat and wine…with the lewd gyrations.  Are they without conscience, leaving children and wives without a father? Is it because most of them grew up without fathers.

A few days back, just before the R. Kelly show, one young man named Hawker left his home in the Corentyne, his mother being a policewoman.  He told her and the family he was going to the R. Kelly show.  She was asking the media why would he leave Corentyne, Berbice and go and commit a crime in Mahaicony?  My heart goes out to this mother, for she brought that boy into the world, and she rightfully says she saw mothers screaming for their dead children, and only now she understands what it feels like.

It is the worst thing in the world for a mother to lose her child.  She said the bottom of the belly was scraping her. Only mothers can understand that scraping of the bottom of the belly when a child is killed or dies.  I have seen many mothers who hold their bellies, and that is because she nourished her unborn from her belly, her stomach, her blood.  The pains of a child lost for whatever destroys a mother, it hurts the father but always the mothers suffer more.

We did not hear from his father and usually we do not hear from the fathers, as it is always the mother, the sister and grandmother that these children grow up with, and they want the good things in life without working hard, and without an education.  Even for him in his crime, loss of human life is regrettable.  His family lost, and Guyana lost what could have been a productive son of the nation had he been schooled right.  I usually do not feel pity for criminals with guns, but because of the mother’s pain I feel so sorry for her.

Many criminals when cornered in a shoot-out with the police are known to call on their Holy Saviour and God for salvation and to be protected.  Many dead ones have been found with pages of the Bible and even the entire Bible, and it is known when they are in trouble with the law or hurt or get killed the mothers will cry out……”aowwww  he is a church boy.”  The criminals, the bandits must remember this thing I was once told by a very wonderful Grandfather (teacher, wise man, etc). As a youngster he spoke to me saying:  “Son, remember, the same God the criminal prays to, is the same God the Police prays to.  Sometime he gun answer the criminal and sometime he gun answer the police prayers, so live well and do justice….live with the side of the law.”  That was a great African gentleman from my Village in Upper Corentyne.  God Bless he wonderful soul.

Parents, and grandparents, teach your children well.  Fathers do not abandon your children.  They need positive role models, or they will join gangs, cliques, some delinquent, and remember the delinquent of today is the criminal of tomorrow.

National Service saved many of these children, and that is why the then President told them that he was their father, and they his children.  Some people still do not understand, and this is why I with my colleague and friend, Mr. Gerry Gouveia believe and support National Service or Boot Camps for first offenders, delinquent children, and those who wish serious rehabilitation.

If your child is in crime, do them a favour, save their life and future, take them into the law, or be responsible and feel the guilt when they are hurt, imprisoned or killed.  Remember, in any confrontation between the criminals and the Police, the police will be victorious as they have the discipline and training.  Remember please and let us try hard to save our greatest natural resource………our youths!


Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan
Electric Mosque’s`
Teachings of Islam’

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