CCWU says no to contract workers

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Times of Wednesday, October 16, 2013 reported on a trade union clash over contract workers. Mr. Carvil Duncan, the head of FITUG and of the GLU was in support of contract workers and Mr Kenneth Joseph of NAACIE was against. The trade union movement should unite in its determination against contract workers.

Today, I salute as we pay due regard to the tremendous contribution which our national hero Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow made in the struggle for the emancipation of the working class of this country as he fought for among other things:-

a) Eight-hour day

b) Abolition of child labour

c) United ownership of State pension for the aged

d) A labour movement not only in Guyana but also in the Caribbean

e) The ownership and control of the means of production by the masses

f) A truly working-class environment

Some of the challenges of today can, if proper attention is not given to the future, lead to the demise of the workers’ organization.

Today, collective bargaining is under stress and strain from many quarters and workers have to be educated to understand and appreciate the nature of struggle just to ensure that the gains won are not watered down.

The things I ask the workers to advocate for can make a difference in the fight against contract workers and make our country better. It’s advocacy that can break the back of contract work.

This is not the time to be silent. Silence means death. Let us come out and speak for ourselves.

It would be a shame to allow Mr. Duncan to speak for us on contract workers. Let us join the NAACIE General Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Joseph in speaking out against contract work. The time is right now!

Yours faithfully,
Sherwood Clarke
General President
Clerical & Commercial Workers’Union

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