There is a long battle ahead with criminals

Dear Editor,

In recent weeks we have witnessed a police crackdown on serious crimes involving firearm use, in some instances lethal force being an inevitable factor. Suspected criminals have died in the ensuing encounter with the police which opened a whole new chapter in the so-called extra-judicial killings and police brutality. The police for their part have given their account of the events, the minute details of which might not all add up to a picture perfect confrontation but by and large is a believable story. But such is the real world of criminal activity where there are no ideal situations, show me an ideal criminal episode and I’d be more than inclined to disbelieve the police’s story and embrace the criminal’s version. Criminals do not play by the rules which tells me that police will be forced to adopt unorthodox methods that would not be considered “right” in criminal circles. Be that as it may, criminal activity must be stopped.

This brings me into a discussion about recent events involving the police and bandits. The South Road killings created a stir in the criminal fraternity as to “all the wrongs” done by the police while the evidence suggests otherwise. It paints a picture of a bunch of young enterprising criminals well-seasoned in criminal activity, which the family is well aware of. So the family and associates have to do an awful lot to convince the general public as to the “good life, good boys” type of life these youths were into.

The Dundee confrontation is another case in point where we’re told of a criminal recently released from prison going straight into another armed robbery situation. His associates, mother included, all giving disparate accounts of what took place, putting the blame on the police for his death. One episode tells of him leaving for the city to get an identification card while another tells of him going to the R Kelly concert. In either case what was he doing at Dundee? Like Judge Judy would say when someone lies you need to have a good memory, they forgot this very important detail in that convoluted story, what was he doing at Dundee?

I can go on and on in my discussion on this issue but will close by saying this, we are in for a long battle with criminals and their accomplices because as we  speak more armed robberies are being committed. It tells us that crime pays hence the criminal is not going to relinquish his weaponry which means that we might see a few more of these deadly confrontations between the police and bandits before things calm down.


Yours faithfully,
Neil  Adams

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