Bartica residents want urgent meeting on issue of eroding housing lots

Dear Editor,    


On August 30, 2013, two officers of the Ministry of Housing conducted a meeting in Bartica with residents/owners of house lots at Five Miles Housing Scheme, Bartica/ Potaro Road (Region #7). The two officers advised the residents that they will have to be relocated and give up their house lots since it was brought to their attention that the land was eroding and as such was not suitable to build on etc.

On September 21, 2013, a meeting was conducted by some executive members of APNU which included the regional chairman and MP of APNU, and some of the affected residents of the Five Miles scheme.

The team further said that when they got back to Georgetown they would urgently take up the matter to Mr. Irfaan Ali, Minister of Housing, advising him to have the eroded area fixed, and if Mr. Ali said  that the eroded area could not be fixed, APNU would send an engineer to check out the area and based on the engineer’s  assessment would then make a recommendation to Mr. Ali.

On the same day of the meeting between the residents and APNU, based on the requests made by the residents, a number of affected       residents met with the Bartica   United Youth Development Group (BUYDG), requesting that they make representation on their behalf  to have the issue resolved urgently.

Residents and the BUYDG shortly after met and established a five-member team on the matter. By letter dated 14th October 2013, the team dispatched a letter to Minister Ali asking for an urgent meeting for a resolution on the land matter at the Five Miles housing scheme.

The BUYDG contacted the office of the ministry of housing for a date on the meeting request but there has been no response from the minister to the request.

Editor, the BUYDG is aware that Mr. Ali has a very busy schedule but we hope and are calling on him to urgently, schedule a date, time and place for the team to meet with him to have the land matter resolved.


Yours faithfully,
Micah Williams
General President
Bartica United Youth
Development Group

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