Dealing with street persons would be key part of Benschop plan for city

Dear Editor,


The problem of street persons is very complex and removing them will not be easy.

Persons who live on the streets do so for various reasons.

Some are destitute and would welcome help to get a job and a home. Some are drug addicts who may also want help. Some are mentally ill and need medical attention to become productive.

There are others who live on the street by choice, prey on honest citizens and commit petty crimes.

Finding solutions to this problem is very difficult. Each individual street person will have different needs and problems and will have to be treated differently.

As Mayor of Georgetown, I will engage all concerned to implement my comprehensive plan to rid Georgetown of street dwellers.

To this end, City Hall will develop and maintain working relationships with: the Guyana Police Force; Ministry of Human Services and Social Security; the Ministry of Health; business representative groups; churches and other religious bodies; Non-Governmental Organisations like the Salvation Army, Food for the Poor and Help and Shelter; local and international donors and other agencies groups and individuals.

I will present my action plan to these organisations and individuals and set out to deal with this very human issue.

My administration will treat each homeless person as an individual, assess the needs of the person and work to remove him or her from the street.

As part of my Plan of Action for Georgetown, this will be a major priority of City Hall.


My point by point Action Plan for Street Persons (Part 2), will be made public along with the other aspects of my plan.

Remember to ensure that you are registered to vote.


Yours faithfully,
Mark Benschop


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