Dear Editor,


Animal lover Bettina McKay Glasford called my cell on Aug 25th 2013 in a panic and with a sad voice she told me of a dog on the seawall that was suffering beyond words.  She said she was with her family around 8:00 pm the evening before, enjoying the breeze, when she saw it curled up by the bandstand and she could not get the image of ulcerated raw sores out of her mind. I immediately went to the location but did not find the dog. I went back again that evening and asked several persons on the seawall; many said yes they had seen it but “I dus pelt he” because “he stink and sick bad”. A few days later, Dr. SenGupta’s Administrator, Chiquita, came to my gate and told me about the same dog. She said she gave him food and he ate every bit. I went several times looking for it, night and day, but to no avail.

Finally, I left my number with a vendor who told me she sees the sick dog but chases him away because he “looks bad’. Feeling depressed, I went to the police area and left my number with several police officers and other vendors in the area.

Finally, on Oct 2nd 2013, I received a call from the sentry at the police building at Eve Leary telling me the dog was in the compound and to hurry over. I dropped what I was doing and got there in 15 minutes.  They showed me the dog; Editor, I could not believe my eyes and could only imagine the suffering he was living.  The dog had large ulcerated sores on both sides of his body and his smell was unbearable.

His pain and anger poured from his eyes. I wanted to touch him and show him some love remained in the world but he would not let me get close. He was very aggressive and it took the sentry and myself at least 10 minutes to get him secured and into my kennel. He was euthanized by injection so he suffered minimum pain in his final moments. Thanks are due to Seeta and Satish Sharma foundation for paying costs of euthanizing.

I know this is a distressing thing to write about and view but your readers need to be made aware of the misery and pain these street animals are suffering.


Yours faithfully,
Syeada Manbodh

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