The dog should have been released to continue its life

Dear Editor,

Please permit me to express my shock and disappointment at the revelations expressed in the letter `A dog’s life’ by Syeada Manbodh in your October 28, 2013 issue.
I believe that once a creature has life, it has a hope of a change to its circumstances.

Life was taken from the poor suffering animal by Ms Manbodh in an unfortunate self- proclaimed act of deciding on an animal’s life. I found her efforts to be commendable until I reached the part of her letter where she mentioned that the animal was euthanised.

It is my opinion that upon recognising that she could not return the animal to a normal (if even such a thought was countenanced) state, that she should have released the animal to continue its life and die by natural causes.

Animal lovers must treat animals like they would like to be treated! How would you feel if you were ill and were rounded up by someone claiming to have your best interest at heart, only to be killed in a ‘humane’ manner because the person thought you were too ill to live, or in too much pain?

I want to laud Ms Manbodh’s work in the area of animal care. Hers has been a lonely job. I’m sure she has had to expend enormous amounts of her personal resources and time to do a job that no one wants to, or cares to do.

I believe however, that she got this one wrong.

Yours faithfully,
Learie Barclay

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