Those preparing birth certificates must possess good handwriting

Dear Editor,

Very many years ago care was taken in preparing birth certificates in terms of hand writing and in spelling of names especially if the names are not English names.

Today we look at most of the handwriting that is on birth certificates and wonder at the quality that our public servants now have. Many beautiful names have been spoilt because of wrong spelling. Some examples are

Suresh becoming Seerace, Mangal becomes Mungal, and scores of such cases can be found during any period in this country.

There are also cases of dates being changed from 13 to 30 and such.

I refuse to think that these clerks work independently or that no one double checks these permanent documents before they are issued.

Those who are engaged in preparing birth certificates must possess good handwriting.

I appeal to the relevant offices to ensure that these documents are treated with the care and seriousness they deserve.


Yours faithfully,


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