Tendulkar ends domestic career on a high

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The iconic Sachin Tendulkar, playing in his final domestic first class cricket match, did extremely well leading his Mumbai side to victory against Haryana state with an unbeaten 79.  The stadium was packed to capacity to see the legend in his final game representing his state.

The PTI news agency reported that Tendulkar’s domestic cricket “ended in a manner befitting his iconic stature, as the retiring legend single-handedly guided Mumbai to a four-wicket win over Haryana in one of the most keenly followed matches in the history of Ranji Trophy on Wednesday”.

As the news agency noted, Tendulkar showed relentless perseverance in the match as he had shown throughout his test career. He built his innings slowly hitting only six boundaries in sharp contrast to another match he played some 22 years ago at the same venue when he smashed boundaries all over the field including against the great Kapil Dev.

Tendulkar built his innings in the manner that has been the hallmark of his cricket. The agency reported that his stay in the middle ensured that he warmed up for the two-test series against the West Indies, “which will culminate with his landmark 200th Test in Mumbai, where he will bring the curtain down on his glorious 24-year tryst with international cricket”.

The agency stated that stands fervently cheered his every run.  He received a standing ovation when he walked out to bat in his final appearance. He also received a standing ovation when he began to walk off the field leading Mumbai to victory. He was lifted by teammates during the final journey off the field, a fitting tribute to a sports legend.

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