Petting zoo excellent idea

Dear Editor,

In your SN edition Nov 01/13 I read Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Damian Fernandes is planning to have a petting Zoo in the compound of the National Zoo and that most of the animals housed will be rescued animals. I thank Damian and his team for that. In these times we need people who are not only focused on earning money but also have some compassion in their hearts for animals. This is an excellent way of teaching kindness and compassion to our future generations.

I think we all can play a part in helping Damian Fernandes make his team’s plan a reality by contributing money, equipment and supplies.

I am a big fan of the Zoo and have donated four large cages/kennels for temporary housing of animals and will continue to donate time and supplies when called upon. I would also like to mention that the Zoo has an excellent supervisor. Amerissa Spelling is very is approachable and kind.

Yours faithfully,
Syeada Manbodh

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