Kudos to Enmore Youth Development Group

Dear Editor,

Diwali Night 2013 offered something more than the usual to residents of Enmore and its immediate neighbours – compliments of the Enmore Youth Development Group.

This bunch of young boys and girls worked late into the nights preceding Diwali to assemble a float which criss-crossed the streets of Enmore on Diwali night.  I was impressed by their commitment and sense of purpose as they undertook their project, which was a huge success.

For this I want to congratulate them and encourage them to stay together and become the future leaders of our community.  I also want to recognize the contribution of Mr Ramsawack of TransPacific who lent his vehicles to the Group and other residents of Enmore who contributed in various ways.

I entreat other youths in Enmore to realize that their energies are under their own control and it is a matter of self-discipline to funnel these energies into worthwhile ventures.

Great going Enmore Youth Development Group!  Looking forward to bigger things next Diwali.


Yours faithfully,
Tejnauth Jadunauth


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