No civilized justice system will permit such travesty

Dear Editor,

I read with shock the contention of Mr. Bryn Pollard, SC, in the October 24 edition of the Stabroek News, that defence counsel had no ethical obligation to disclose an association with members of the jury. The learned  Senior Counsel claims he arrived at this conclusion after “research”; the particulars of which he failed to disclose. The effect of this argument is that it is proper and ethical for defence counsel to have friends, colleagues, and possibly relatives on a jury!  The outrageousness of this argument is plain to the rational mind.   Perversity of justice is the obvious consequence.  No civilized justice system will permit such travesty. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

I am not a lawyer, but Mr. Pollard’s contention is unadulterated nonsense by any standard.

Yours faithfully,
Sundar Nauth

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