Loud Diwali explosions occurred near the Enmore Police Station

Dear Editor,


When I listened to Police Superintendent Watts assuring the public on television that sellers and users of squibs/mini bombs during Diwali, if caught, will be dealt with condignly, I felt comforted.

What actually happened was totally opposite to what Mr Watts indicated.

The “war” started in Enmore at about 5.30 pm on Diwali day and stopped at about midnight. There seemed to have been a conspiracy to prove who had the bigger explosives. Long bursts of explosions happened very near to the Enmore Police Station and I am not aware that the police took any deterrent action.

I have read quite a few articles in the print media where similar incidents were of serious concern to residents elsewhere.

Editor, we are rapidly degenerating into a society where the law is flouted with impunity. And the police are right there!

In fact, the police are very often the first to break the law. Quite recently, police ranks “smuggled” alcoholic drinks into the Enmore Community Centre ground at the School’s Athletics meeting using a police vehicle when alcohol was prohibited in the ground. Fortunately, a senior police rank noticed and seized the alcohol.

We are plunging into the chasm—fast.

Yours faithfully,
Tejnauth Jadunauth

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