It must be some other bloke!


Dear Editor,


In his letter to Stabroek News published on Sunday November 3,

2013, `Contrary to Minister Manickchand’s statement, the AFC did congratulate top performers’, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, my good friend and legal colleague, credits or maybe debits, me with posing to my dear friend Minister Priya Manickchand some questions calculated to occasion the good lady a measure of embarrassment.  Not guilty, I plead!

The only question I have posed to the lady in recent times was delivered about three years ago on the northern corridor of the Parliament Building, the simple topic being her health and well-being.  Her characteristically warm response complete with the welcome kiss on the right cheek, my own, convinced me that nothing had operated to diminish the healthy mutual respect that had existed before her assumption of ministerial office.

No, Dear Editor; not on your life Khemraj; it must be some other



Yours faithfully,
Gun Rockcliffe


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