Decisions of the Town Clerk have led to a build-up of garbage in the city

Dear Editor,


The seizure and sacrifices of our Capital City, Georgetown continue unabated- all with a clear, narrow, harmful, political objective.

Since the unilateral action to send off two of our solid waste [garbage collection and disposal] contractors, the condition around the Stabroek Market became a mountain of mess and filth, a haven for rats, flies and diseases.

Last Monday, the majority of Councillors raised a rumpus over this state of affairs, pointing to the potential health, and environmental hazards.

The majority demanded immediate action and by a majority vote, decided that the contractors dismissed earlier, in defiance of an earlier decision of Council be re-engaged.

This was after the Director of Solid Waste told the meeting that the machinery and manpower at his disposal were not sufficient to handle the situation and he needed help.

In tones of arrogance and defiance, the Town Clerk (ag) said she will not comply with any decision of the Mayor and Councillors – unbelievable but true. Hence our problem.

On behalf of all of us, I wish to compliment the Solid Waste Director, Mr. Walter Narine and his two new assistants, the City Engineer, Mr. Colvern Venture and the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. B. Jeffrey for working assiduously to clear the mountain of mess that had posed a serious health hazard. But as these officers did their all to save the situation – what were the consequences?

All other areas were neglected, and suffered. Again, without a discussion, the Town Clerk (ag) on her own accord shifted the ‘Street Orderlies’ brigade to help in this emergency. So you now have a build up of waste in the other areas traditionally served by the ‘Street Orderlies.’

Second, because another decision of Council was ignored, we do not have the service of additional trucks, so once again, the expensive working excavator is lying idle on Merriman Mall and the people in South Georgetown and other areas must endure the stench, dirty water and muck because the Sussex Street canal needs to be desilted and other works done.

The fact that certain Ministers accompanied the lady Town Clerk (ag) during the week on visits to the beleaguered Stabroek Market area speaks volumes.

The additional resources they are making available is costing the taxpayers much more than the cost to the Solid Waste Contractors, so – what is the point?

No need to give other examples, but the Private Sector et al must say where else could the secretary of any of their Boards or Management, either as an act of insolence, or self-anointed imperial power, consistently defy the Board.

The poor condition in the City is now the sole responsibility of the Ministers and their self-appointed surrogate.

The Private Sector must not seek escape by suggesting an Interim Management Council as they did some years ago, but allow the duly elected Mayor and Councillors to do their work. Of course, let us hasten Local Government Elections, so the people can once again decide – with others, we are ready and rearing to go.

For those who believe that history has a puckish way of repeating itself, we must know that the heartland and soul of the PPP is  Communist ideology, and so, even at the height of the USSR, there was the troublesome early 1980’s. This was followed by unbelievable change. The surrender of the communist monopoly. The disintegration of the powerful Soviet Empire.

On a visit to Germany in the late 1970s, one high ranking official said the Berlin Wall was there to stay, a lasting reality of German history. I lived to see that Wall tumble just a few years after that statement.

Guyana be strong, there is hope but we need be resolute and resist this creeping dictatorship [in the Capital GT- 27% ruling 73%] is preposterous.

Human history is full of examples which can offer us hope and comfort. Empires greater than this PPP dynasty fell. The old folks say the longest rope has an end; this undemocratic, corrupt regime will crumble under its own weight.


Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, J.P.



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