Police have to take charge of this squibs scourge

Dear Editor,

I live in the Forshaw Street, Queenstown area within the boundaries of New Garden and Oronoque streets and was subjected to an onslaught of squibs from Saturday evening November 2nd and again on Sunday, November 3rd from 5 pm to 12 midnight non-stop.

The Alberttown Police were called twice only for  residents to be told the same is happening all over Georgetown and there are not enough police patrols to address these many reports.

We the residents, elderly, young, sick and not to mention the animals that disappear, going under cover and some could not be found, had to endure this barrage of squibs and firecrackers of steady explosives for hours with no hope of any relief.  When we thought it was over, the onslaught started again on Monday, November 4th in the evening from around 7 pm.  Again the Alberttown police were called and we were told the one patrol was out on a similar report and that our report would be added to the list of reports.

One would think we were in the Middle East when the squibs were set off with a blast and the sound as if the buildings would topple.  A second call was made the same night to the Alberttown Police pleading with them that since the area of the complaint was in close proximity to the station they should conduct a foot patrol.  Some hours later a police patrol did appear but no sooner they drove off, the blasts went off again.

Is there no recourse in these matters?  Are squibs and firecrackers legal again in Guyana?  Has the ban been lifted?  Don’t we care about each other as human beings and the utter disregard for the elderly, the sick and for the animals that go into hysteria at the sight of fire?  Some animals never return to their owners because their area or regular place of abode has become unsafe.  As a matter of fact since this weekend of bombs, stray animals in the neighbourhood cannot be seen as is customary on the streets.

Here are some comments when checking with the elderly on how they’re doing since the weekend onslaught:  “some parts of my head have died; heavy and sore from all the noises. “

Checks on the animals cared for by their owners in fenced yards, related how the animals were trying to jump the fence to run for their lives and had to be restrained and comforted.

I plead with the Police authorities to take charge of the situation and work at restoring order and peace to our daily lives be it festival times or else.

Yours faithfully,
Maria Rodrigues

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