Underground economy may now come under attack

Dear Editor,

So we have finally crossed the bridge on the money laundering amendment bill and it is quite interesting to see the PPP propaganda machinery on display as they try their very best to save their money laundering buddies from the scrutiny of CFATF.  It is true that all international financial transactions will require greater scrutiny and record keeping by the financial institutions and money transfer agencies but that can be a very good thing since the underground economy in Guyana will be under attack.

Those who are engaged in legitimate transactions have little to worry about and thus the PPP propaganda that international banks will terminate their relationships with Guyana is really a stretch of the truth.  International correspondent banks will require more verification information and will interrogate transactions more aggressively and that is not such a bad thing if the end game will result in more of the local money launderers being called out.

As the PPP’s poor leadership caused a very simple situation to become so complex we must expose the PPP for failing to use the golden opportunity that 2011 presented to healing the nation by consensus.

In this environment, political brinksmanship will not survive and the PPP has to open the door on the Public Procurement Commission and the Local Government Elections or else they will be further exposed.

It is the PPP who are putting the people’s welfare at risk by conducting political sabotage on the people as they try to impose their way on all of Guyana by brutal acts of economic bullyism.  Why could the PPP not establish the Procurement Commission as sanctioned by law and implement all the local government bills as instructed by the National Assembly?  Then if they have issues with the views of the majority, they then bring further legislation to amend these laws.  Why hold up the process at the pleasure of the President at great distress to the people?  Why does it always have to be the PPP’s way?

Well thank you Mr. Granger and Mr. Ramjattan.  Your parties have finally taken something from the PPP; their ability to bully the Guyanese nation and for that the Guyanese people will be eternally grateful.  The results of the Local Government Elections will speak for itself.  And if the PPP “got balangee more than they think”, let them bring on the General Elections and then we will see what the people really want.  Propaganda will never succeed in an environment when people’s “belly ah bun”.  As Walter Rodney once said, when “people belly ah bun, the brain ah think”.

Today we have seen a PPP who does not know how to engage a majority opposition in a constructive manner and thus the nation continues to suffer because the PPP wants to continue to be bullies rather than nation builders.

Yours faithfully,
Sasenarine Singh

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