The authorities should intensify the campaign against firecrackers

Dear Editor,

Within recent times this society has been terrorized by the loud explosions of firecrackers. It began with the celebration of Christmas and Old Year’s night and of late the festival of Diwali.

Christmas and Diwali are of great religious significance to Christians and Hindus but the observance of these holidays has taken on a perverse aspect. The firecrackers are dangerous to health and safety. Human beings suffering from hypertension, heart and mental diseases are at severe risk. Young babies and elderly persons can find themselves affected by the explosions; animals such as dogs, become scared and run wild.

Over the years many letters have been written in protest at this menace. The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has insisted that persons should get permission from the police and then secure a licence to import firecrackers. However, I presume the firecrackers are smuggled into the country. What is puzzling is that they are sold openly in front of our municipal markets, and when night descends, all hell breaks loose.

What has become of the rule of law in Guyana? Some Guyanese are proud of the fact that in most countries of the world, may be found a number of their compatriots. Can overseas Guyanese so contemptuously, violate the laws of their adopted country? When will we decide to respect and obey our native laws?

What is even worse is that the setting off of the squibs with such intensity resembles pyrotechnics. Often, when bandits are committing a robbery some persons mistake bullets for squibs. Accompanying this activity sometimes is a bacchanalian atmosphere involving illegal vendors selling alcoholic beverages and playing loud music.

Without the rule of law any society or empire will reach the nadir of lawlessness and ungodliness leading to chaos and decadence. However, it is hoped that our Police Service, the GRA and even the Fire Department will intensify their campaign very seriously to deal with this offence.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Maynard




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