The business community, the trade unions and the churches should speak out against white-collar crime in the public sector

Dear Editor,

I am forced to return to the topic of curbing white-collar crimes within Guyana’s public sector, because the accusations are continuing to grow, and the present PPP/C Government is refusing to implement institutional measures which would lead the population to feel that it was willing to prevent acts of public-sector corruption.

I am thus forced to renew my calls for a combination of political and organizational actions and initiatives which would push the present government to become more active in addressing the complaints and accusations against public officials.

I am aware that the two opposition political parties – APNU and the AFC ‒ have addressed this situation in parliament, but they have been unable to win government’s cooperation. I am therefore appealing to other interest groups like the business community, the trade union movement and the churches to join in the advocacy against white-collar crime within Guyana’s public sector

Yours faithfully,

Morris Wilson

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