No Child Protection Officer at Anna Regina

Dear Editor,

There is a lack of a Child Protection Officer who is supposed to be stationed at the Anna Regina Welfare Division. Children are violated sexually and physically quite often and parents are afraid for their children because there is no officer based in Region Two.

The officer who is supposed to be stationed at Anna Regina is only here sometimes. When she is here, she will take complaints and promise to visit the home of the complainant but never turns up. When individuals call the Child Protection Agency in Georgetown and explain that the Officer was spoken to but never showed up, they promise to show an interest in the matter, but this is not done either.

The Ministry of Labour and Human Services has employed officers to do their jobs well and these officers are being paid but they are not dedicated to humanitarian work.

I do not blame the ministry or the Minister, but the officers who are employed need to know that every child is entitled to his/her rights and they should dedicate themselves to what they are being paid for.

Yours faithfully,

Beatrice Parks

Community Social Worker       

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