A different road altogether

Dear Editor,

I am indebted to the PS of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment for reminding me, in his statement on the road from Parabara, of the term “anthropogenic” referring to the way people’s actions so often make nature’s workings have a bad effect on many other people. I write this during rainfall on Thursday morning, in a Georgetown disgracefully flooded by Wednesday’s rain. Which my President blames on mismanagement by the city council. But which the ordinary citizens blame on mismanagement from top to bottom all over Guyana. For painfully obvious reasons.

Ordinary citizens aren’t fooled, by ministry releases, even in Georgetown. Rupununi people aren’t fooled, for instance, by published details of a road from Parabara which is quite a different road from the one on which construction preparations were recently halted, thanks to press coverage and international reaction. A different road altogether. Are you, Editor, going to see behind the words you get from officials?

 Yours faithfully,

(Name and address


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