Duties of head of strategic management department quite a challenge

Dear Editor,

A press release of Sunday, May 12, 2013 adverted to the appointment of civilians to a newly established Department of Strategic Management, Guyana Police Force.

It was understood that the appointees, who were already at work, had been chosen by a special selection committee.

By November, 2013 there have been defections, including pre-eminently that of the head of the department. The vacancy created has been discreetly advertised in the Sunday Chronicle of November 24, 2013.

Interested persons would find the following key duties quite a challenge to engage. Presumably the last incumbent did feel so.

Key duties:

•  To provide leadership in the determination of strategies and plans to fulfil the mandate of the unit and the wider Ministry.

•  To determine and prioritise areas of research that will be pursued in each year and submit to the Permanent Secretary for approval and inclusion in the Annual Budgetary Estimates.

Also, in consultation with relevant department heads, to set measureable targets and timelines so that  outcome of research/environmental scan activities can be fed into the current strategic planning processes.

•  To advise on and resolve issues that arise during the conduct of user and other surveys as part of the environmental scanning process undertaken by the Ministry at a wider level.

Yours faithfully,

EB John

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