It is Green and not Sooba who is responsible for the state of the city

Dear Editor,

As I write Georgetown is under a deluge of water and rubbish; in fact, it is the latter that is the cause for the inundation. So rightfully it should read ‘under a deluge of rubbish which caused the flooding.’ A better statement can also be attributed to the present situation and it runs like this:  The root cause for the city’s demise is its Mayor who occupies a position but fails to do anything worthwhile therein. He is the person of interest, the most important person of interest, whenever this garbage heap of a city comes onto the radar. Everyone knows this save the main opposition, APNU, which conveniently takes its eyes off him while castigating everyone else who might very well be making a contribution to the betterment of the city.

Right now they are on the back of Town Clerk (ag) Ms Sooba, and are trying their utmost to make her out to be the cause for the city’s demise, when they know full well who the culprit is. They conveniently forget that before there was Sooba there was Hamilton Green ‒ two painful decades of him. For them to pin the blame on Miss Sooba is simply exposing their depravity as a party. Georgetown and its environs will simply remain in a filthy uninhabitable state as long as Mr Green remains in the mayoral chair.

To think of it, the opposition prides itself as the watchdog of society and the protectors of the people’s rights, so why do they not come to the aid of the citizens of Georgetown? The people need answers from the opposition as to the present insanitary situation in the city; they should do something really fast before an epidemic breaks out. I know for sure of some wards in the city like Albouystown and East La Penitence, an epidemic is just waiting to happen. Those places named above pose a health hazard to human habitation when you look at the solid waste build-up and the overbearing stench of rotting garbage. This should engage their attention and not the useless blabber that goes on in parliament, wasting taxpayers’ money in idle foolishness.

 Yours faithfully,

Neil Adams

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