Those involved in the savage attack against dogs should be before the courts

Dear Editor,

Just when I think I am beyond shock at the acts of cruelty meted out to the animal population in Guyana I am proved wrong.  Shown on our local news channels and circulated on social media was the incredible footage showing the brutal and horrific attack on some dogs owned by a “dog breeder” on the East Coast. It was an unbelievable display of sheer savagery against defenceless animals that made the strongest of stomachs turn. What made it worse was the clear enjoyment taken by the perpetrators of these acts; that was just sickening.

In any other country all of them including the participating policeman would be before the courts facing prosecution; the owner of the animals would also face prosecution and probably be banned from ever owning a dog again. One can only hope that these poor animals may get some kind of justice eventually.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Isaacs

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