Ramkarran and Nagamootoo are not going back to the PPP

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr Bisram’s letter in SN of November 28, speculating on the future presidential candidate of the ruling PPP.

Mr Bisram writes: “The names being mentioned to replace Sam Hinds as the prime ministerial candidate have virtually no appeal and will not bring votes to the party.

In fact, they will take away votes from the party as many PPP supporters will simply stay home. So the PPP may as well stick with Sam who has more respect than some likely contenders for the slot.”

After 21 years serving with distinction and “respectability” as Prime Minister, why couldn’t Sam Hinds be considered for the No 1 spot? Mr Bisram once told me, “Sam is not a member of the party,” and therefore is not entitled to the full rights and privileges of the party.

But the Civic-branch concept is a myth. It has never been proven that the Civic-branch members win African votes for the party, nor do they help to project a multi-racial image of the party. The party is still perceived as an Indian-ethnic party. The whole concept of Civic is to falsely project the party as broad based. Not to allow Sam Hinds to succeed to the presidency in 1999 when President Janet Jagan resigned, and to subvert the constitution to promote an Indian-Guyanese to the presidency over the African Prime Minister was just to use the Civic as an excuse.

Mr Bisram’s pen is silent about what the PPP really is ‒ an ethnic operation. Here you have an African-Guyanese serving in the role of Prime Minister for 21-years straight – and yet you cannot even throw his name into the pool of potential presidential candidates. Mr Bisram’s excuse? He is just reporting what the people told him in his poll.

Mr Bisram writes: “Will the party or Ramotar appeal to Ralph Ramkarran to be its number two?

It is generally believed that Ramkarran will bring a lot of credibility to the ticket and restore the PPP’s majority. Will the party go for reconciliation with Ramkarran or Moses Nagamootoo and others who were pushed out so that it can recapture its majority?

If Ramotar or the PPP wishes to guarantee a victory, Ramkarran and/or Moses should be his number two and/or number three picks; voters, including businessmen and professionals, told me they will support that trio.”

Mr Bisram’s letter could be misunderstood as suggesting ideas until you read the above quote which is nothing but advocacy.

That’s right, Mr Bisram is advocating that the PPP bring back Messrs Ramkarran and Moses Nagamootoo, whom he feels will save the party from defeat and ruin. And, when you call out Mr Bisram for his folly and foolishness, he would say the people (so-called polls) told him so. Is he doing internal polling for the PPP?

The PPP reconciling with Ramkarran and Nagamootoo? On the basis of what? To appeal for votes on the basis of race? Messrs Ramkarran and Nagamootoo are men of decency, integrity and character.

Ralph Ramkarran and Moses Nagamootoo have thoroughly denounced the PPP for their corruption. These gentlemen will not ever be reconciled into the fold of the PPP unless and until the PPP cleans up its act.

Mr Bisram should stop dreaming. These men are not coming back. And, further, the PPP cannot be saved, even if a previous president comes back.

Mr Bisram also needs help with setting up a wall of separation between authentic polling and advocacy for Indian triumphalism.

 Yours faithfully,

Mike Persaud

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