APNU does not run the city, the Ministry of Local Government does

Dear Editor,

I refer to the statement made by President Ramotar to the effect that the Georgetown City Council is run by APNU; he blamed them for the floods on Wednesday November 27. This was extremely unfortunate and unworthy of any head of state.

First, he is totally inaccurate. If the city was indeed managed by APNU or perhaps better put, the representatives of the 73 per cent of the voters in Georgetown, it would have been one that we could be proud of. The council is de facto, managed, or mismanaged by the Ministry of Local Government and a Town Clerk (ag) imposed on the council by the said ministry for reasons which are not obscure. If according to the President, the administration is not functioning, then it is his chosen administration. The administration is headed by the person his government appointed.

Going through the south and other areas of the city, one would expect that a caring government would have addressed the dislocation, inconvenience and health hazards that face thousands of our citizens, particularly in the Albouystown and La Penitence areas.

He should by now have mobilized the substantial resources at his command to bring some relief to the suffering people in Georgetown and other areas.

A President in a crisis must be able to be presidential and rise above partisan petty politics. What the President needs do, is sign the remaining local government bill into law so we can have local government elections earliest.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green


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