NDC has ceased picking up garbage in Enmore

Dear Editor,

Over the past three weeks we have become frustrated over the garbage collection system in Enmore, ECD. There was a system in place that was usually managed by the NDC whereby the garbage truck would visit once weekly to pick up garbage from individual homes. For three weeks the service has not been available, and this has caused a large pile-up of garbage for most of the families, since there is no dumpsite close by, and it is unfair for the residents to be paying the NDC for a service and not receiving it. We have been calling the NDC office and have been receiving promises that the truck will come, but to date none has visited.

We wish to encourage the authorities to look into this issue urgently and resolve it, since it would lead to more frustration and infuriated residents in Enmore.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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