The people of Georgetown have had enough of political games

Dear Editor,

As head of the Independent Party and candidate for Mayor of Georgetown, I condemn the playing of politics with Georgetown. The political war being played out in City Hall is directly related to flooding in Georgetown.

Recently, Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba fired the contractors who collect garbage in the city, resulting in a massive build-up of garbage. Mayor Hamilton Green responded with a declaration of war in City Hall and as a result, the work of City Hall in clearing garbage and clogged drains came to a standstill.

Now we see the result: the rains have come and all the garbage is filling the drains causing flooding, the closure of schools and businesses and workers being sent home. All of this was caused by politics at the level of central government and City Hall. It was all avoidable.

I hope and pray that all of this garbage, sewage and filth does not cause an outbreak of disease.

Central government does not care; they are comfortable in their Pradoville mansions. It is you and I who are suffering, the ordinary citizens who live and work in Georgetown.

If I were Mayor, I would never allow politics to get in the way of City Hall doing the work they are supposed to do.  I therefore totally condemn playing political games with the livelihoods and health of the people of Georgetown.

I call on the President to declare a date for local elections.

The people of Georgetown have had enough of political games.


Yours faithfully,

Mark A Benschop

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