Dear Editor,

There was an irony of all ironies when on Wednesday in the midst of a forum for Mayors of the Americas and the Caribbean, I received the news that the Ministry of Local Government had appointed the least qualified and experienced of the applicants to the substantive position of Town Clerk. The irony was that at this gathering of senior representatives of the United States Government, the IDB/OAS, Miami Dade County and the Florida International University, one of the main thrusts was to give cities and municipalities more money, management capability and authority to deliver services to their respective communities.  This appointment by the Ministry of Local Government must be seen in the context of the refusal by the President to assent to the vital Bill to trigger local government reform.  This atrocity by the Ministry of Local Government is a dent on decency and a denial of democracy.

The journey of inappropriate actions by the Ministry of Local Government continues.  Forget the bullyism over the years; recently we had an MOU signed with a bogus entity. Did the Ministry  investigate Ms Sooba’s record?

Enough has been said on this dark day, but allow me to congratulate the PPP/Civic government for scoring a lower ‘D’ in their return to democracy.  Allow me also to congratulate the Town Clerk, Ms Carol Ryan Sooba on her preferment, and wish her all the best.  This notwithstanding we expect the vast PPP propaganda machine to be in high gear in dealing with the municipality, but to all and sundry the truth shall prevail and those who are now victims in the city must not surrender.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green


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