Dear Editor,

I refer to a news item (SN 7 Dec 2013) based on a press release by the Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme (GSWMP), regarding a proposed awareness television series called “What A Shame”, which referred to “a theme song” being created by Dave Martins for the project.

I write to clarify that “What A Shame” is not a theme song I’m writing for the series but is actually the chorus line of an anti-litter song called “Turn Back” which is one of the songs on my At Home album I recorded here more than two years ago. At that time, at my suggestion, NCN had produced a fine video version of the song, without charge, to strengthen its impact, and it was used a few times on television.

Sadly, two years after its release, the “What A Shame” message of the song doesn’t seem to have registered, but, as the cliché goes, hope springs eternal.

Yours faithfully,

Dave Martins

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