New ambulance lying idle in Ituni Hospital compound

Dear Editor,

For the longest while, the new state-of-the-art ambulance that was given to the Kwakwani community is parked in the compound of the Ituni Hospital. When this ambulance was handed over to the community, I made the point that we can bring an ambulance as strong as a bulldozer and if the Kwakwani- Linden road is not fixed properly, it will not last; the road will destroy it.

Now we have a multi-million dollar piece of equipment which is to take care of the sick and injured of Sub-region Two of Region Ten lying idle and exposed to the elements.

It is quite disgusting to even think about what goes on at meetings of our elected representatives at the regional and national level. How can we allow hard-working taxpayers’ money to go to waste like that? Is it because they don’t toil like the bauxite and forest workers or have to endure that rugged road in the event of sickness or accident that they don’t care?

I think it can be considered a criminal act on the part of the person or agency responsible for this ambulance to go to waste in this manner.

This ambulance should be removed forthwith from the elements and repaired.


Yours faithfully,

Jocelyn Morian

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