Ganga Persaud has been disrespectful to Guyanese by putting an unqualified person to manage the affairs of the city

Dear Editor,

Since coming to office in 1992 we have seen very undemocratic and unprofessional persons running the affairs of this country; we have experienced witch hunting, square pegs in round holes, and disrespect for the rule of law among other things.

Last week another disrespectful act was meted out to the Guyanese people when the Local Government Minister, Mr Ganga Persaud appointed an unqualified candidate to manage the affairs of the City of Georgetown. The appointment of Ms Carol Sooba is an insult to the thousands of Guyanese who have spent several years qualifying themselves with the hope of serving their country one day, and sharing their knowledge and expertise in their various fields.  The current Town Clerk is another square peg in a round hole and has been given the position because of her political connections to the present regime. It clearly shows that the PPP regime wants to control Georgetown and in doing so they have appointed one of their associates. This very important office according to the job specification requires the candidate should have a degree in fields like Public Management or Law, among other qualifications. When a candidate with only three subjects at CP who has attended the University of Guyana since 2006 and to date has not graduated, but is appointed to the position of Town Clerk, it is a clear indication of who we have as ministers.  It is an act of lawlessness perpetrated on the Guyanese people, telling our young people not to worry about getting five or six CXC subjects or obtaining a degree; they should just be a party member or associate and they can get any position they want when the time arises.

Editor, this is shameful for a developing nation; moreso the Minister at a press conference sidelined the questions from certain media personnel when he was asked about Ms Sooba’s qualifications and how she came out at the top of the list.

Further none of the PPP ministers or government officials should attend any graduation ceremony at educational institutions or give speeches, because that would be a clear case of hypocrisy. After all, certification is not important, what is important to obtain a job in Guyana is affiliation to the ruling party.

Editor, we have indeed entered on a sad era in Guyana, and it is only time before people will say enough is enough to this inept regime. While one of the unions representing the workers at City Hall has sounded an alarm, the other one is silent because I understand that this head was lobbying for Ms Sooba to be Town Clerk.

I am looking anxiously to see how the PNC will deal with this matter since I know some of their councillors supported Ms Sooba’s appointment. I don’t just want to hear that we condemn this action by the Minister, rather let us see the power of this party that was founded by Linden Forbes Burnham. I salute Mr Beresford and ask that he stands steadfast and resolute with his team, and let the Minister and this regime understand that the Sooba appointment should be rescinded. I also call on the qualified employees in the city council not to be intimidated, but to stand up and let this regime understand that they are concerned about unqualified people managing the affairs of the city.

Yours faithfully,

Garfield Boston

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