The Government of Guyana was not consulted on the USAID project

Dear Editor,

I have noted the statements in the media about the USAID project that was disapproved by Cabinet.

I have particularly noted the US Ambassador reportedly stating the US intention to implement the project notwithstanding Cabinet’s disapproval.

I have also noted the insistence of the US Ambassador that the Government of Guyana was consulted on the project.

I have also noted the political opposition supporting the US Ambassador’s line that the government had no good reason to object to the project.

Editor, at this stage the issue is the US Ambassador’s apparent contempt of the Cabinet of Guyana, an act that can have serious repercussions. He has been reported in the press to have instructed that Cabinet’s disapproval be ignored.

The Ambassador is playing with words with regards to consultation.

I still contend Guyana was not consulted.

The project was conceived by the American authorities.

The project was funded by the US Congress.

A bid was tendered, the US organisation, International Republican Institute, won that bid and was awarded the contract to implement the project.

It was subsequent to those actions by the American authorities that the US Ambassador approached the Government of Guyana.

I challenge the Ambassador to indicate at what point was the Government of Guyana consulted about this project.

The US Ambassador presented the government with a fait accompli.

His apparent contempt of the Government of Guyana begs the question and supports our contention that the Ambassador is of the opinion that the US authorities can execute projects in Guyana at will.

This is a dangerous proposition that all right thinking Guyanese and indeed sovereign states must repudiate.

Yours faithfully,

Roger F Luncheon


Presidential Secretariat

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