Troy “Bugsy” Prescod hangs up his football boots

Blessed with a talent for football, Troy “Bugsy” Prescod has finally decided to hang up his cleats on what can be described as an illustrious career.
During the peak of his powers the mid field dynamo was a vital cog in the national set up.

The 37-year-old player/coach has been playing for the Sunburst Camptown for at least 17 years and has also played for teams like Fruta Conquerors FC and he has also been a guest player for other teams.

The father of two, who resides at Stone Avenue, Campbellville, is also a driver by profession.
“Bugsy” as he is familiarly known as, has been featured in most of the tournaments that Camptown has been involved in and was considered the Most Valuable Player because of his talent.

Troy Prescod
Troy Prescod

In the recent GFA/Banks tournament “Bugsy” was red carded in the quarter finals for using indecent language but was back in the tournament for the final. He didn’t score but assisted with the winning goals which gave them the four million dollars first prize and other consolation prizes.

In the following interview Prescod raps with Stabroek Sports Yonalla Dalrymple on his career and his decision to call it quits on his football career.
YD: – What are the opinions of others on the team about your decision to leave?

TP:-When I spoke with executives of the club they stated that they did not want me to leave but it is my decision and I had enough. So it’s someone else time to step up.
YD: – When did you plan your retirement?

TP:-Well I planned my retirement a couple of days before the final cause I really wanted to win the final and something major as a player and as a player/coach so after we got that I decided that my time was up for that and it’s time for me to step down and give somebody else a chance to shine. I did have it in my thoughts before that if we did win the GFA/Banks tournament that I would have retired.
YD: – What is the reason for your retirement?

TP: – I just think that it’s enough for me. I have been playing a very long time and now it’s time for me to relax and find time for family and friends.

YD: – Do you think that Camptown has someone in line to take up your position?

TP:-Definitely! There are very talented players on our team. We have the captain Rishawn Sandiford who is an extremely excellent player among others. So basically what Rishawn will now have to do is step up and keep to the task.
YD: – What were your aims/goals for the team?

TP:-Basically my aim was to bring out the footballer in each one of the players from the inception so that when I leave the team would not break away. During my days at Camptown we were also taught to live as one not only as a football team but as a community. So, since I have reached my goal my time is up.

YD:-Had Camptown not won the GFA/Banks tournament would you have contemplated staying to coach the team until the next tournament?

TP: – Yeah! Definitely. As I said earlier, I really wanted to win a major tournament as a player/coach. I mean some of the time we came close to winning a tournament and from time to time, we never really got the chance to go over the top. So this was a great opportunity for the club.

YD: – Will you still be involved in helping the team to train or assist them at practice sessions?

TP: – I had a thinking about it but I decided that the time for myself I just need it. But I will consider it sometime later, but right now. I don’t think it will happen now.

YD:-Is the resignation final?
TP: – For me, yes! But I think that the club is kind of hesitant about the decision, but for me, I had enough and besides this is what I needed.

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