Burnett and Fraser to contest GFA presidency

Incumbent Vernon Burnett and Coordinator of the University of Guyana Sports Department Lavern Fraser will Saturday contest the presidency of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA).

Also nominated for the post is president of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) Colin Boyce who will himself face challengers when that body holds its AGM on Sunday. President of Alpha United, Odinga Lumumba, failed to garner a nomination.

Christopher Matthias
Christopher Matthias

The GFA elections are set for Saturday at the Sleepin International Hotel, Brickdam.

Fraser yesterday told Stabroek Sports that she had accepted the nomination which was put to her as a meeting of the General Council.

Asked what she brings to the table and what does she possess that might give her the edge over Burnett, Fraser said: “I was not looking at it in relation to Burnett, but in the sense that the I have been nominated by the General Council, who, in my opinion, believe that I am capable and have the capacity to serve in the position and so I am prepared to serve if elected.”

Fraser added that her accepting the nomination was based on her commitment to see the development of football.

“I would have been there during the last two years and would have been an integral part in what would have transpired and what we would have achieved.

“I am also cognizant and fully aware of the General Council and know the direction they want to be taken in so if I am given the opportunity, I would lead them (General Council) in that direction.”

Pressed on the level of support she has received in the run up to Saturday’s elections, Fraser said:”There have been individuals who have indicated that I have their support, but for me and I am being honest with you, I am open minded where that is concerned. I have accepted the nomination simply because it’s an indication of what some members of the General Council are thinking. But put in that position it would be an honour to accept and promises to do the job to the best of my ability”.

Fraser, however, said if she does not win the presidency it would not prevent her from working for the development of the sport.

Christopher Matthias
Christopher Matthias

“This is a historic point in football and I don’t want to see it go to waste. But whether I win or not I will continue to give support from the table or the floor. I will continue to sound my voice when the need arises.”

Burnett, on the other hand, said should he be given another chance to head the GFA, he would be focusing on three areas.

“Obviously we will need to focus on the developmental aspect of the game some more, we need to look at some more youth activities and all the other technical and tactical aspects that are associated with football development.”

Administratively, he said, the GFA needs to be sounder. This, Burnett opined, not only has to be dealt with at the association level, but at the level of the clubs too.

“So we need to work with the clubs to strengthen them and I believe that once we have strong clubs then we are going to have a very strong association.”

On whether he prefers to work with his current executive Burnett said: “I have had a wonderful experience working with the current executive. We have had our highs and lows, many persons would say the Banks tournament is the high.”

The success story of the current executive Burnett said was surviving the past two years when there were financial issues and other difficulties being faced by the association.

Vernon Burnett
Vernon Burnett

“I think the period of the Banks tournament was when people (executive members) could have been seen as the lease under pressure, hence that would have been the cream on the cake. But I really do believe that the real success story is surviving the two years of the two periods when our clubs were being threatened, when there was lack of funds, there was lack of cooperation among our members and being able to pull through all of that is the real success story,” he said.

Former national hockey player Ivor Thompson heads the list of nominees for the post of vice president – administration. The other nominees are Fraser-Thomas, Akram Sabree, Dwaine Moses and Cary Jacques while Mark Phillips is the lone nominee for the post of vice president – competitions.

For the post of vice president –technical and tactical development the nominees are Fraser-Thomas, Sabree, Kwabina Griffith, Randy King, Daniel Thomas, Eton Cordis, Rawle Adams and Fiazal Khan.

Incumbent Christopher Matthias heads the list of nominees for the post of General Secretary with the other nominees being Mr. Moseley and Steve Ninvalle who was nominated by Alpha United while Dexter Schultz, Thomas, Sabree and Andre Dazell are the nominees for the post of treasurer.

The nominees for the post of assistant secretary/ treasurer are Charmine Wade, Thomas, Fraser Thomas, Aduke Woolford, Adepemo Peters, Fiona Hamilton and Pamela Julian.

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