GFRU to shortlist team for NACRA15s c/ships

Outstanding players from today’s President’s versus Vice President’s 15s game which will be staged at the National Park’s rugby field will be shortlisted for the national team to compete against Barbados in the NACRA 15s Caribbean Championships in May.

This decision among others as well as the formation of an Organizing Committee occurred when the newly elected executive members of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) convened on Thursday at the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) building.

Ryan Gonsalves
Ryan Gonsalves

Several administrative and financial matters were also discussed and a new Organizing Committee was formed.

The Committee will be meeting every week to plan the upcoming local and international matches.

Three matches including the May 18 game versus Barbados on home soil and today’s which will kick off at 16:00hrs have been scheduled.

The third game will kick off in Trinidad on June 1 versus the ruggers from the Twin Island Republic.

According to a release, the matches are significantly supported by the GRFU, which sees it as a key strategic development opportunity for the sport in the country.  The scheduled matches will help the union to take a closer look at the development of the elite players as it look towards rugby in the future.

Rugby fans are urged to come out and support the two teams today as they vie for their selection on the national squad.

President’s Squad: Cyon Kitt, Delroy Gordon, Rondell Mc Arthur, Dwayne Schroeder, Kevon David, Rickford Cummings, Daniel Anderson, Clive Prowell, Ryan Gonsalves, Christopher Singh, Breon Walks, J Moore, Claudius Butts, Rodwell Hutson, Lance Adonis, Jamal Angus, Kevin Joseph, A.Talbot, Troyton Braithwaite, Osei McKenzie and Claude Alexander.

Vice President’s Squad: Marvin Stephens, Allien Crawford, Keifer Lopes, Walter George, Jaryl Archibald, Terrence Daniels, Ryan Dey, Jason Tyrell, Akeem Fraser, Peabo Hamilton, Troy Bascome,  Elwin Chase, Godfrey Broomes, Carl Lewis, Leon Greaves, Troy Arjoon, Jason Ridley, Grantley Williams, Blaise Bailey, A.Jarvis and Clinton Mars

The president’s side will be coached By Theodore Henry while Kenneth Stuart will be coaching the VP’s side.

Those short listed will be involved in rugby skills fitness and all players are asked to be on the field at least an hour before kickoff.

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