Dominica authorities want out-of-court settlement with former president

ROSEAU, Dominica,  CMC-The Dominica Football Association (DFA) says it would prefer an out of court settlement in its legal dispute with its former President Patrick John.

John has filed a law suit against the DFA and its president, Glen Etienne for salaries, allowances and other benefits totaling more than EC $100,000 for the period 2013-2015.

Etienne says the Association’s legal team is currently dealing with the matter and a defence has already been submitted.

“The DFA would like to handle it out of court; if we don’t have any choice then we will have to go to court,” Etienne told a press conference in Roseau.

“It’s not something we want to do, we would rather want to deal with it out of the court angle so I am hoping that it can be solved in that aspect you know”.

John was banned by the FIFA disciplinary committee for two years in 2011.

The two year ban also included an EC 3000,00 fine and was part of a final round of sanctions for Caribbean officials caught a cash for votes scandal.

FIFA had initially charged John for accepting US $40, 000 in cash from Bin Hammam to support him in an election campaign against President Sepp Blatter.

A DFA conference in following the FIFA ban, voted to suspend him for the remainder of his term of office which would have ended in 2015.

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