Rugby team staying positive despite weather

During yesterday’s simulation game at the National Park’s rugby field involving the 47-man national squad divided into two teams (green and yellow), the players went hard against each other during scrimmaging as they are aware that they are each vying for a place in the final 22-man team which will be selected in nine days.

The yellow team comprising of mostly national players defeated the green team 44-17.

Technical Director of the squad, Alwin Etwah mentioned that “during these trial matches, we are looking at the best players in each position to select for the game and these guys understand that and they are going all out.

“We have these trial matches all aimed at selecting the best 22-man squad for the game on the 18th (May)” so that keep that at the back of their minds during these trial games and its good to see that competitive nature.”

Etwah also revealed that there will a skills session today followed by an indoor film session tomorrow and another trial game on Saturday.

National star player, Claudius Butts evades opposition in yesterday’s national trials.
National star player, Claudius Butts evades opposition in yesterday’s national trials.

So how is the spirit in the 47-man squad despite the recent rainy weather?

Rugby is a sport played in any kind of weather, rain or shine and we are staying positive,” national captain, Ryan Gonsalves stated yesterday. “We just hope the rains don’t continue to affect the rugby field that is our only concern at the moment.

“The time is short and we need the team chemistry and the most preparation possible to try and get the best combination going. All of the player’s spirits are high and we are competing at a very competitive level because how we play in these matches will determine who cements a place in the team for the game against Barbados”.

The shortlisted players vying for a spot in the final 22- man squad  are: Cyon Kitt, Delroy Gordon, Rondell Mc Arthur, Dwayne Schroeder, Kevon David, Rickford Cummings, Daniel Anderson, Clive Prowell, Gonsalves, Christopher Singh, Breon Walks, Jaryl Moore, Claudius Butts, Rodwell Hutson, Lance Adonis, Jamal Angus, Kevin Joseph, Ato Talbot, Troyton Braithwaite, Osei McKenzie, Claude Alexander, Marvin Stephens, Allien Crawford, Keifer Lopes, Walter George, Jaryl Archibald, Terrence Daniels, Ryan Dey, Jason Tyrell, Akeem Fraser, Peabo Hamilton, Troy Bascome,  Elwin Chase, Godfrey Broomes, Carl Lewis, Leon Greaves, Troy Arjoon, Jason Ridley, Grantley Williams, Blaise Bailey, Andrew Jarvis, Avery Corbin, Peter Bistol, Kenroy Evening, Marvin Lawrence, Orin Williams and Clinton Mars.

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