Flying Ace club suspends cyclist for three months

Cyclist Ray Millington has been suspended for three months by the Flying Ace Cycle Club because of indiscipline, a release from the club states.

According to the release, Millington disobeyed the club rules and refused to ride in the club’s uniform on a number of occasions.

His suspension commenced on June 1 and will end on August 31.

He was also fined $1000.

Coach of the club Randolph Roberts told the media that Millington was warned on a number of occasions about his actions but he continued to flout the rules although he is well aware that what he was doing was against policy.

Roberts stated that at an event in Georgetown after Millington told officials that he hadn’t any uniform and he personally gave him one in the presence of another cyclist. However when the race commenced

Millington was seen riding in his own outfit.

As a result of this ban, the cyclist was not allowed to participate in yesterday’s Banks DIH Aqua water 60-mile event nor will he be allowed to compete in any event sanctioned by the Guyana Cycling Federation for the next three months.

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