……says his victory over Bolt was no fluke

DES MOINES, Iowa, CMC- Olympic bronze medallist Justin Gatlin has brushed aside suggestions that his 100 metres victory over world record holder Usain Bolt was a fluke.

Some have called the rare loss a blip in Bolt’s preparations for August’s world championships in Moscow.

The 31-year-old burst past Bolt in their Diamond League race in Rome last month and hung on for his first ever 100 metres victory over the Jamaican.

“I would not consider it a fluke,” the 2004 Olympic 100m gold medallist.

“I would consider it a prelude to something better and greater.”

The next likely clash between Bolt and Gatlin is expected to be at the world championships in Moscow.

Gatlin will attempt to set the stage for a potential rematch by finishing in the top three in the US championship men’s 100m final.

“Some people probably think it is impossible to beat him when he is at his peak performance. You just have to make sure you make someone like him feel as uncomfortable as possible in a race strategy,” he said.

“He is usually clear of the field at 60 metres, so you have got to make sure that when he looks over he can see you at 60 metres and you are still going on with him.”

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